Peak Physiotherapy Clinic, Derry, are a leading provider of high-quality healthcare, injury prevention and rehabilitation in Northern Ireland. We have a team of highly specialised Chartered Physiotherapists who are all registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP). We are registered with major insurance companies and healthcare providers.


Dermott Connolly

“S&C a previously neglected area, has now become an integral , regular & important part of my training schedule.

The excellent & to be highly recommended S & C classes at Peak Physiotherapy facilitated by Paddy  & Martin are well structured, targeted and focused in terms of injury prevention & improved performance.”

Dermott Connolly, Elite Athlete
Catherine Whoriskey

“Returning to high level competition after my second baby has not been easy. In the weeks leading up to the birth I took part in the prenatal Pilates programme and post birth I availed of the MummyMOT® & post-partum physio support provided by Steph Keys at Peak.

I was eager to get back into my training regime but after unguided recovery the first time round (and doing it all the wrong way) I knew I needed the professional support to get back on my feet properly. Steph aided me through those first few months enhancing the recovery process post birth and strengthening areas that had weakened during my pregnancy.

She helped ensure I wasn’t doing too much too soon to ensure I wasn’t risking injury or complications. I was back running the roads and building mileage quicker than I thought I ever would.

It’s a service I would recommend to every mum even if your childbearing years were long ago, complications and weaknesses can be put right when we access the right services, so we don’t have to live with them forever and amen.”

Catherine Whoriskey, Elite Athlete



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