(This is not an exhaustive list – pelvic health physios see loads more than these 10 things – but these are up there with the most common conditions we treat)

Pregnancy pain – pain in the hips, pelvis, middle or lower back, symphasis pubis… anywhere! If you are experiencing any musculoskeletal discomfort during your pregnancy its definitely not something you should “put up with” and we can certainly help!

Post pregnancy pain – if pain lingers on after pregnancy or you now have some new issues we can certainly help to alleviate these symptoms – new and old!

Post partum rehab – a postnatal check is so important after pregnancy. Pelvic health physios will look at everything affected by pregnancy – offer guidance or treatment to help and get you stronger and back to full fitness with a rehab program. At peak physiotherapy clinic we offer a MummyMOT which is a one stop shop for an postnatal mum, regardless of how old your baby is!

Leaking – urinary or bowel leakage is certainly not part of becoming a mum or part of getting older – it is a condition that we can help with. Whether you find yourself dashing for the toilet when the urge arrives, or crossing your legs when laughing, sneezing or coughing we can provide loads of help to get you and keep you dry!

Overactive bladder – can’t hold your water? Going to the toilet every 20mins?! An overactive bladder may be the issue – we can help calm this down so you are not seeking out the nearest toilet wherever you go!

Post surgery – hysterectomy, abdominal or pelvic surgery – these surgeries can cause some disruption to the pelvic floor or the may it works. A pelvic health physio can guide you in terms of strengthening exercises or help to alleviate any post surgery pain

Scar pain -csection, episiotomy, perineal tear or surgical scars can sometimes felt tight and tender. We can help to get the scar moving and help with rehabilitation.

Painful sex this might be after having a baby, after surgery, during perimenopause or after menopause-  it is never normal for sex to be painful and something we can certainly help with! 

Prolapse – heaviness, dragging or a bulge in your vagina?! A prolapse is when the pelvic floor organs descend downwards and can cause these uncomfortable symptoms. We can identify a prolapse and. Help to minimise its affect on your life!

Tummy gap – feel like your tummy hasnt reduced after the delivery of your baby? Sometimes this can be caused by a gap or stretching of the rectus abdominis muscle – this happens to all women at the end of their pregnancy but in some women it takes a bit more effort to rehabilitate. We can guide you along this process with exercise and lifestyle changes

Like I said not an exhaustive list! If you think we can help you or if you want more info about any of the above get in touch by clicking here