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Peak Movement Class

Motion, Flexibility & Efficiency

Peak Movement

We are all built to move. Sometimes people feel that they can’t move as well as they want to because they have aches and pains in their muscles and joints.

♦ Maybe you have a condition that causes this?
♦ Maybe you’re fearful of movement in case you will bring on pain or make your existing pain/ condition worse?
♦Or maybe it’s just through your lifestyle that you move less e.g. your job entails that you are sitting a lot throughout the day.

Lack of movement can be a big reason why we can get achey and stiff and weak and sore.

But no matter what level you are at, we can all do with keeping active and moving more.

Our Peak Movement class is a Physiotherapist led class, it combines all things movement related and is aimed at all abilities of people who just want to move more and better.

Peak Movement can help you:
♦ Improve your flexibility and strength
♦ Enhance your confidence in movement and efficiency
♦ Manage and ease aches and pain



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