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Chronic Pain – Derry / Londonderry

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who have had either suffered a traumatic injury

Chronic PainChronic pain is any pain that persists more than 12 weeks. For some it can last many months and even years. Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating and affect all aspects of life such as our daily function (e.g. work, hobbies, washing, dressing, cooking, cleaning), socialising and of course our mood. With 34% of people in the UK affected by chronic pain which can be as high as 41% in deprived areas such as ours in the North West, Peak Physiotherapy Clinic is committed to supporting you and turning the tide of this pain pandemic.

Our clinicians have many years experience in dealing with chronic pain issues and have the highest quality and extensive expertise and knowledge in assessing the cause of your pain to help you to understand and make sense of your pain. Our clinicians have a broad range of expert skills to give you a holistic, all encompassing approach to your care to help you to manage your pain and engage in valued activities.



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