Plagued by injury? Constant niggles?

These 3 exercises should be a staple in your conditioning!

Single Leg Heel Raise

Standing on one foot, push up onto your toes

Single Leg Sit to Stand

Sitting in a kitchen chair, lift one leg up and stand up using only one leg (don’t be tempted to push up with your hands!!)

Single Leg Bridge

In a bridge position with one leg outstretched. Lift the pelvis up and bring the outstretched leg up as well. It should be working your glutes, if you feel it in your hamstrings bring your heel closer to your bottom.

It goes without saying do each exercise on both sides and you should be able to do 20 on each side. If you can’t manage that just yet – build up gradually over time.

If you are currently injured you may wish to seek physio advice before embarking on anything new, or you could try our running clinic for more in-depth analysis of your running to boost performance.